You see them all the time. Go to your local coffee shop or maybe a garden center, and you’ll see a bunch of business cards for small businesses. This can be a great way to let people know about your business within your local community, and maybe you are using this method to promote your business. But, take a step back, slip your feet into the shoes of the customer, and take a closer look. What impression is your business card design setting?

With this strategy you only have a few seconds to set a great first impression to convince the potential customer pick up your card. This first impression can lead to reaching a lot more paying customers, or it could be just the opposite. You’ll want your card to make your business appear as trustworthy and professional as possible.

Below are a few design tips we found for you to consider when designing your business card.

Business Card is a Reflection of Your Business

Before you start getting into the details, realize the fact that business cards are a medium for customers to judge your brand. Every design variable matters as they play together to reflect your brand’s personality. Get to know your target customer and ensure that your brand’s personality will appeal to your customer.

Consider the Fonts and Colors of the Content

Information is the soul of a business card. Make sure you put the all-important business details like name, designation, brand logo, address, and email address. You’ll want to be sure the fonts and colors of the content give character to the business card and align to your brand’s personality.

About that email address: Make sure you don’t use free email services with addresses with “@gmail.com” or “@yahoo.com”, for example. It doesn’t present your business as an actual business.

Images Build Character on the Card

Images provide that X-Factor to your business card. These are generally used to provide depth to the background. We highly recommend placing images on the back side of the card to reserve front for the brand logo. If you don’t have your own quality images you can find some really good quality images for free at pexels.com or pixabay.com. These sites have high quality images that are permitted for commercial use with no royalty fees.

Get That Logo Placement Right

Your brand logo is something you want people to remember. It should strike the eye and act as a visual identification of your brand. As mentioned earlier, make sure you put the logo on the front side of the card. If you need a professionally developed logo that fits your brand personality consider investing in having a freelance design expert. The cost is typically not very high, and you have have several freelancers send you proposals on websites like fiverr.com.

Don’t be Afraid to Experiment

As much as you want to keep your business card professional and perfect, it’s important to keep experimenting with the design to know which business card looks best.

Want better perspective? There are several great business card websites that allow you to design your card online giving you a realistic look at the final product. Our favorite is moo.com. They provide really great inspirational design templates to start with, they offer several unique cuts and quality materials, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Your business card is a visual extension and a personality reflector of your brand. It holds some of the most important pieces of information and can be a deciding factor as to why your potential customer chooses you over your competitors. We hope this short article will help you to create a great business card for your business.

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