Website Pro Hosting

What is Website Pro?

Website Pro is a hosting solution that allows you to:

  • Design and develop beautiful WordPress websites
  • Take advantage of the speed and security of Google Cloud Platform
  • Access an easy to understand reporting dashboard
  • Migrate existing WordPress websites
  • Push websites to Production with one click

Need more details?

Overview Dashboard

With the easy to understand Overview Dashboard you can see all of the important details about your website.

  • Connect your Google Analytics account for more detailed reporting
  • Access your WordPress dashboard to edit your website
  • Increase speed with the cache flushing option
  • Access the technical aspects of your website with phpMyAdmin and SFTP

Can I use my own domain?

You can easily connect to a domain that you already own.

Automatic Backups

Never lose your website again!

  • Automatic daily backups
  • Restore your website at the click of a button
  • Planning big changes? Create a manual backup at any time


Test changes and updates without disruption to your website.

  • Play with changes in a safe environment
  • Test design changes and updates without impacting your live website
  • Once you’re done working on the staging website you can push changes to the live website with a single click
  • Preserve the staging files for making changes at a later date

PHP Logs

Easily search for and discover recent errors.

  • View and search PHP logs for both Production and Staging environments
  • Identify easy to fix errors

Website Pro Managed Hosting

Want SpinnerMedia to manage your website for you? The services below are included when you upgrade to Website Pro Managed Hosting.

Theme & Plugin Updates

WordPress themes and plugins are updated on a regular basis by their creators to improve functionality and increase security to keep your website safe from the latest threats on the web. With our managed hosting you won’t need to worry about these updates. We will keep your website up to date and ensure everything remains operational.

Bug Fixes & Broken Links

Discover an issue with your website, or maybe you found a link that isn’t working? With our manage hosting you can just let us know the issue, and we will resolve it for you.

Text & Image Changes

Over time you will likely want to make changes to the text or even update some of the images on your website. With our managed hosting you can just let us know what changes to existing text or images you want, and we will get it done.

Monthly Website Reviews

There is always room for improvement, and sometimes it takes another set of eyes to find those areas for improvement. With our managed hosting we will review your website each month to see if we find any opportunities for improvement that we can recommend to ensure your website is providing the best user experience possible.

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Like a Customer Magnet.

Your website is the best opportunity you have to make a great first impression to your potential customers on the web. Your customers want the information they need quickly, and they want to feel like they can trust you when they visit. Your website should not only look professional, but it should provide the best possible customer experience. Wow your customers with a beautifully easy to use and professional looking website.

World Class Hosting

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Fast & Secure
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Automatic Backups
  • Malware Scanning
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • No-worry Managed Services Options

Website Services

  • Custom Built Websites
  • Graphic Design
  • Payment Processing
  • Custom Integrations
  • Bug Fixes
  • Full Service Maintenance (you don’t lift a finger)
  • more…

Build Trust & Confidence.

When customers are searching for businesses like yours they want to feel that you are trusworthy and have a good reputation before they even contact you. Our software suite can help you establish and grow a strong online presence and stand out against your competition.

Listing Optimization Suite by SpinnerMedia

There are multiple websites that list information about your business whether you realize it or not. With 81% of consumers searching for products/services before entering a place of business it is important that your business details are listed accurately across the web. Take control of how your business is represented across the web with our listing optimization tools.

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Listing Optimization Suite by SpinnerMedia

Consumers look for proof that your business is best and most trustworthy place to shop before they even contact you. They do this by viewing ratings and reviews of your business on popular websites like Facebook, Google, Yelp and many others. They also look to see if they can quickly find essential information like contact information, directions, hours, etc. Our reputation management tools help you to monitor online reviews, social mentions, listing accuracy and even keep an eye on your competition. Get proactive about your online reputation.

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Listing Optimization Suite by SpinnerMedia

If you are not actively getting online reviews from your customers, just one negative review can cost your business new customers. With our customer voice tool you can proactively get lots of positive reviews from your happy customers which will outweigh that lonely negative review. Show consumers how popular your business is with your happy customers.

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Listing Optimization Suite by SpinnerMedia

Managing social media for your business can be difficult. To stay visible and relevant you need a consistent steam of engaging content posted on all of your social accounts. With our social marketing tool you can discover relevant content to share, create and schedule your posts across your social accounts in one place, and monitor what your customers are saying about your business.

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