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Listing Optimization Suite

Listing Optimization Suite by SpinnerMedia

What is Listing Optimization Suite?

Listing Optimization Suite is a set of tools that helps you build an accurate foundation for the presence of your business on the web.

Local SEO

Completely FREE and allows you to build the perfect listing for your business. Includes a Google Insights dashboard to monitor customer interactions with your listing.

Listing Distribution

Pushes your accurate listing to the four major data aggregators so that your business will appear in more places across the web.

Listing Sync

Syncs your listing across all the popular listing websites such as Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Bing Maps, Waze, Foursquare and many more.

Why is Listing Optimization Important?

Did you know that 81% of consumers search online before entering a store? Did you also know that there are several listing websites that may list your business without you having signed up to do so? If your potential customers are searching online and find your business listed on one of these websites you will want to be sure the information about your business is current and accurate. Not to mention, if your business is not listed on that website you don’t want consumers finding your competitor instead.

SpinnerMedia has the perfect solution for you. With our FREE Listing Builder you can build a complete and accurate listing for your business. Once you have the perfect listing you can use our Listing Distribution and Listing Sync tools to automatically push your accurate listing to popular data aggregators and listing websites across the web.

Listing Builder by SpinnerMedia Local SEO

Build your own centralized listing.

Create and manage your professional and accurate listing in a single place

Track visitors to your listing page and view analytics

Customers can leave feedback on your listing page

It's FREE!

listing builder by spinnermedia

Listing Distribution by SpinnerMedia Listing Distribution

Distribute your listing information to the major internet data providers.

These major providers distribute data to hundreds of directories, search engines, navigation systems, and applications like Apple's Siri

Listing Distribution by SpinnerMedia

Listing Sync by SpinnerMedia Listing Sync

Sync your listing across popular websites and applications to ensure accuracy.

Sync with popular listing websites and navigation providers such as Google, Facebook, Bing Maps, Yelp, Apple Maps and many more

Listing Sync by SpinnerMedia

Google My Business Insights

Connect your Google My Business profile and monitor customer interations with your profile.

Google Insights with Listing Optimization Suite

Searchs and Profile Views

Monitor search engine activity with your business.

Customer Actions

Monitor trends in actions taken on your profile such as the number of times customers requested directions or called from your profile.

Photo Views and Quality

Monitor the views of your business photos and photos reated to your business taken by your customers.

Don’t leave the accuracy of your business contact information become out-dated. Sign up for Listing Optimization Suite to keep your business information accurate and on-brand across the internet. Stop losing customers due to inaccurate listing data.

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