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What Brand Elements Do You Need for a Unified Identity?

by | Apr 10, 2023 | Brand Image

Whether you offer a unique product or a helpful service, launching a memorable brand is crucial for a successful business. It can help you establish a strong brand image and increase brand loyalty and recognition. This positive reputation can also motivate employees to work harder for the company and encourage others to apply for your company. 

While a professional website design, compelling logo, or quality product are essential for any business, a successful brand goes beyond these items. You must also build a cohesive brand identity to ensure your company stands out in the competitive market. 

From a unique name to crisp-quality pictures, this article will enumerate eight elements all brands must have to create a unified identity. 

1. Name 

Like naming your beloved pet, your brand name is essential because it captures everything your target audience should know about your company in a few words. It shapes how buyers view your brand and are often the first thing they associate with. 

Creating a solid brand name goes beyond randomly picking a name. You must also consider factors like the image you want to project, market availability, and alignment with your brand strategy. If you do it correctly, you could become a household name like Kleenex or Band-Aid. 

2. Brand Colors 

Colors significantly impact buyers because they usually associate specific hues with certain emotions and meanings. For instance, red usually makes them think of danger, urgency, and stop. 

When creating a website design or branding for your business, you must select the correct color by understanding your target audience and brand. That way, you can find one that best aligns with your brand image and appeals to your target audience.

3. Logo 

A logo is a symbol that represents a brand, and people consider it an essential element. It’s because 75% of consumers easily recognize a brand by its logo. You can create a successful brand by making this element recognizable and memorable because buyers remember visual images better than words. 

You can also use a wordmark for the logo, where designers can creatively design the brand name using fonts and colors unique to the brand.

4. Slogan 

A brand’s catchphrase is a short statement that defines its position and personality. It must be memorable, reflect the brand’s character and customer perception and be appropriate for its industry. It should also be adaptable to changes in the brand’s direction but not change too frequently to avoid confusion. For instance, if you run a financial company, don’t use a humorous catchphrase because clients may think you’re unprofessional. 

5. Graphics 

These graphics showcase the brand’s assets by using the full range of colors or incorporating a specific aspect of the logo into the design. They also complement and enhance the primary logo and help add visual appeal and variety to your advertising and promotional materials. Moreover, consumers can identify these graphics as quickly as they recognize the logo if brand owners execute it well. 

6. Typography 

Your typeface must compliment your logo and brand personality, and ensure you use it consistently across all materials and collateral. You must also pick wisely because your chosen font can evoke a certain feeling or essence. 

7. Shape 

Your product design can set your offering apart from others in a crowded market and create a desire to buy it. For instance, Apple’s iPhone’s innovative designs continue to captivate its consumers. 

8. Image 

Whether stock photos or you took them in-house, your marketing images must be consistent and have similar qualities. If you’re snapping your photos in-house, use a uniform editing style or create branded filters and presets. 


Besides a compelling website design, business owners must have a solid and unified brand identity to succeed in the competitive market. You can create a consistent name by integrating these elements and working with a professional digital marketing agency.

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