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Using Real Estate Landing Pages to Increase Lead Generation

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Website

Landing pages are a type of website that most internet users are familiar with; they often ask for simple information like an email address in exchange for valuable information, discounts, newsletters, and more. 

Landing pages, also referred to as squeeze pages, are used by real estate agents to share information about available properties, market trends, home values, real estate advice, and more while ensuring that a lead is captured. 

They give the realtor a chance to turn that lead into an opportunity and then a closed transaction. The major functions of real estate landing pages are to link realtors with prospective clients and to provide relevant information to home buyers and sellers.

Continue reading to know the elements to include in your landing pages. 

How Landing Pages Work

Real estate landing pages visually employ straightforward forms that ought to be quick and simple to complete. They ought to contain the realtor’s contact information, branding colors, and logo. 

However, landing pages are designed to be simple, leading the visitor straight to the form for an immediate response. Including an eye-catching image can still help impress a lead.

After submitting the form, a visitor is directed to a page on the realtor’s website where they may explore customized listings, watch videos, learn more about the process of buying or selling a home, analyze market statistics and trends, sign up for email alerts, and do so much more. 

Realtors may demonstrate their worth as real estate agents and as an authority in their sector by using landing pages to direct prospects to highly tailored content.

Promote the landing pages. Be inventive and explore several options. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media accounts, real estate landing sites can be used. 

Successful realtors are undoubtedly utilizing this technology by tying excellent landing sites to social media marketing campaigns or Google Ad campaigns to boost the possibility of collecting leads.

Landing Page Requirements for Realtors

The following should always be on real estate landing pages:

  • A clear, fast, and uncomplicated form
  • Forms that allow for partial completion
  • A strong header image that appeals to them and draws them in, such as beautiful scenery, an arresting listing photo, or a young family holding a sold sign
  • Enticing copy that sums up what the lead will obtain by completing the form in a short amount of time
  • Call-to-action buttons that are prominent, making it simple for leads to understand where to click
  • Branding for realtors, including colors, logos, and contact information

Developing an Effective Real Estate Landing Page

Creating an effective real estate landing page begins with understanding the buyer’s journey. In the real estate industry, this journey tends to begin with a search for a specific property or type of property. 

By designing a landing page that focuses on this search, agents can capture leads and convert them into customers.

When building a real estate landing page, it’s important to include a clear call-to-action that encourages visitors to take the next step and provide their contact information. This could be a simple “Contact Us” button or a more elaborate form that captures more detailed information. 

Real estate landing pages should include information about the property or properties being advertised. This can include photos, descriptions, and even a video tour. All of these elements should be designed to give visitors a sense of the property, its features, and its potential.

They should also include social proof. This could be a testimonial from a past customer, a link to a review site, or even a link to a blog post about the property.


Landing pages are also a great way to showcase properties and give visitors an easy way to contact the agent. The combination of content, design, and functionality on real estate landing pages can help agents generate more leads and ultimately increase their business.

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