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9 Things to Ask to Help You Spot a Reliable SEO Company

by | Jun 18, 2023 | SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) has allowed businesses to thrive in today’s digital age. This tool helps companies increase website traffic and improve search engine rankings. Collaborating with a company specializing in this marketing strategy can also allow you to attract more quality leads. 

While this online success story sounds exciting, you can only get these advantages when you hire a reliable and professional agency. Besides conducting background checks and reading the reviews, you must also ask the candidates the right questions. 

If you’re ready to make educated decisions and grow your business online, this article will enumerate some questions to ask to identify a reliable SEO company. 

1. Since When Have You Been Active in the Industry?

Like other significant business investments, you’d want to hire a company that professionally and proactively handles all your SEO needs. You must employ someone who has gained a minimum of two years of expertise. You should also know that as Google frequently updates its algorithms, you must search for an expert who plans for the long haul and doesn’t rely on methods that might become obsolete soon.

2. Who Worked with You for the Longest Time?

Like employing a proficient tax accountant, hiring a trustworthy SEO company can be worth it despite the costs because they’ll help you become more efficient. However, if your potential SEO firm has been operating for a while but can’t give evidence from clients they have worked with for a long time, be wary. It’s unlikely that a company would relinquish a reliable income source without a valid reason. 

3. How Will You Boost My Ranking?

A professional SEO company will always have a transparent and holistic strategy. In contrast, a bad one will avoid explaining its processes and only care about money.

4. How Do You Approach Backlinks? 

Your company needs backlinks for SEO because they’re like “votes” in a popularity contest, with quality being more important than quantity. PageRank is integral to Google’s algorithm for measuring backlinks.

A good SEO provider will communicate transparently about its link-building strategies. Meanwhile, don’t work with those who use low-quality backlink methods like forum signatures or link directories. 

5. What Do You Track? 

SEO companies track rankings, traffic, and conversions to measure their efforts’ success. Without the third metric, all traffic increases are mere vanity. 

While those metrics are essential, remember that you can’t track one without the other. If your website is new, monitor rankings until you reach Google’s page one, which will attract traffic and let you track conversions.

6. Can You Guarantee Me Top Rankings?

Guaranteeing No. 1 rankings in Google search results is impossible because Google has a mysterious and dynamic algorithm. Remember that any reputable SEO company can’t guarantee results, and taking shortcuts can lead to hefty penalties. 

7. What Do You Know About Google’s Algorithms?

While Google algorithm updates usually don’t significantly affect a website, some updates are essential enough to have specific names like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. An expert SEO company must know most of these updates.

8. Do You Follow Google’s Best Practices?

If you don’t follow Google’s best practices, your website may receive penalties and disappear from search results. Always ensure your SEO company is honest about its tactics.

9. Did You Have an Unsuccessful Campaign?

SEO companies have previously made mistakes, which is part of learning. The failure happened because of the company’s fault or the client’s lack of involvement. However, you must know why the shortcomings occurred and how they corrected them to improve. 


An SEO company can help your establishment gain better visibility, but that only works when you work with the right one. You can make informed choices by asking the right questions, reading the reviews, and performing background checks. 

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